Our Story

Historically, ‘ley lines’ were connections between locations of significance. Today, Leyline is connecting users to the fight for the future—incentivizing individuals to enable and accelerate research and progress toward humanity's greatest collective needs. Transformative change is possible. No one else is going to save the world for us—so let's do it. Together.

Core Values

At Leyline, we want to be:


In order to succeed, we have to be flexible and cooperate in the face of a changing world's shifting priorities. We can adjust, iterate, and remain willing to constantly educate ourselves and grow.


We value one another intrinsically, and can only grow our global community by demonstrating that consistently. We will cultivate a better environment together by being sensitive to the needs of both people and planet.


Modern society is the most prosperous it’s ever been, but it’s increasingly solitary and individualistic. We need social connection and fulfillment, and to safely enjoy those things over long, healthy lives. We shouldn’t just survive—we should thrive.


Each and every one of us can make a difference, but we need the opportunity to achieve our true potential. To have the greatest impact, we need the freedom to pursue what inspires us, and to know that our families, teams, and communities have our backs.


What exists today can be improved upon. We won’t give up on hope. Our firm belief is that a better tomorrow is always achievable.


Changing the world starts with earning trust. To hold ourselves accountable, we must have the humility to be vulnerable and the courage to be honest.

We are a movement

Brought together by a shared vision of a positive future.