We want to make sure that everyone using the Leyline platform understands exactly how our tools work. Here are some of your most frequent questions for us:

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What is the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing(BOINC) and what does it do?
What is BOINC?
BOINC is an open-source program created by the University of California Berkeley. It allows individuals to contribute to scientific research by donating their computing power.
How does BOINC work?
When you download BOINC and select a project to contribute to, your computer will lend its free time/computing power to process data for scientific research and discoveries. BOINC's scheduling server sends your computer tasks (i.e. executable and input files), which your computer will run and complete (creating output files). Your computer uploads those output files to the BOINC data server. This is all done automatically; you don't have to do anything! Also, BOINC will only send you tasks that are appropriate for your PC, so your performance won't be overwhelmed. For more, check BOINC's explanation on their wiki: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/How_BOINC_works
What is BOINC contributing to using my machine?
BOINC is managed by the University of California, Berkeley, and has been widely run since 2004. You can review a list of projects known to and trusted by BOINC management here:https://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php
How Much Does Leyline Cost?
BOINC and my computer performance
Will BOINC stress my computer?
BOINC will only run on your device when you allow it to. You have preferences available that let you decide how much of your CPU/GPU you allow BOINC to use, as well as when. For example, you can set it to run only during the hours when you are sleeping, when certain apps are not in use, or when the computer is sitting idle. You can minimize the impact of CPU/GPU stress by only making a certain % of processing power available to BOINC.
Will running BOINC disrupt my games?
No. The default settings for BOINC runs ONLY when your computer is idle. The moment you stop using the computer is when BOINC will start up. You also have advanced functionality on BOINC to manage its usage (including the time it runs and how much of your CPU/GPU it will use.
My computer isn't the fastest out there, won't others have a monetary advantage over me?
One of the key design pillars in our rewards and progression system is establishing a fair and balanced approach that enables everyone to be on a level playing field. There will be a daily limit to the amount of Leyline Points you can earn. In addition, since we will measure Leyline points in the time donated, that means users with low powered devices will not be left behind users with more powerful hardware. But don't fret power users! We will still have fun rewards and achievements for those aiming to compete for the highest donation possible.
BOINC and Leyline
How are BOINC and Leyline related?
Leyline is powered by BOINC's volunteer computing technology which makes it easy for you to donate your idle processing power towards scientific research. We then award you Leyline Points based on the amount of real hours that your device was contributing to science. You can redeem Leyline Points for gift cards and other cool digital items!
Why is my BOINC project not on the selection list?
BOINC projects must go through a rigorous audit & white-listing process before they can be onboarded onto Leyline. In addition, certain projects may require software engineering work to integrate with Leyline. This could take quite a bit of time.
Can I merge in my historical BOINC credits from other projects I’ve contributed to outside of Leyline?
No. Legacy BOINC credits won't be converted into Leyline Points in order to keep the economy fair and balanced. However, we will have some awesome rewards to celebrate your amazing contributions all this time!
What information will Leyline have access to?
Leyline will only collect a linked BOINC project ID with a Leyline ID. The following will be the only user data we will collect and store: 1. User ID 2. A user's BOINC credits earned 3. Hours donated to BOINC The data will be used to generate Leyline Points and Donation XP to a user's Leyline account. Leyline Points are used to earn and trade for Digital Items (real cash value) Donation XP are used to level up your Leyline Avatar (cosmetic items, no cash value)
Is my data and connection secure?
Yes. Leyline and all approved BOINC research projects are GDPR & CCPA compliant. These products will continue to comply with any and all data privacy legislature.